Thursday, September 30, 2010

Back to the dermatologist we go

I had been making regular visits to the dermatologist to keep an eye on the rash and keep track of the meds we were using to try to bring it down. Nothing really seemed to be working and now that we had finally reached the point that my muscles seemed to be improving, I was really hoping we could get rid of the rash on my face.

I was never really all that concerned about the rash or the hair loss as it was occurring but now that everything else seemed to be improving, I wanted more.

During my visit with the dermatologist, he asked if I would mind having a colleague of his come in and take a look. By this time every doctor I had seen had a minimum of 3 students visit with me so why not?

What I did not know was the doctor coming in to see me (I'll call him Dr. Jeff) specialized in auto-immune related skin issues. He was also a professor at the local med school (this is local teaching hospital).

As he looked over the rash on my face, he informed me that no medicine would make this rash go away. It was permanent. The blood vessels had been so badly dilated for so long there was nothing that could be done, BUT he had something he wanted to try. I was taken back by the thought this could be permanent and I told Dr. Jeff I was up for anything is he thought it would help.

Dr. Jeff had been using lasers to remove auto-immune driven rashes and had been pretty successful so far. He had never used it on anyone with a rash as bad as mine and wanted to give it a shot. Of course, I said yes.

The doctor submitted all the paperwork to my insurance company explaining why this was necessary and why this was a medical condition. Not surprisingly, the insurance company turned down the procedure stating this was a cosmetic procedure. Dr. Jeff was not happy and neither was I.

Dr. Jeff was pretty anxious to try the laser on my rash so he decided to do the procedure free of charge. The only thing he wanted were before and after pictures to use in as a teaching aide.

A few pictures to be free of the rash? No brainer.

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